Air Man United Company

1 - Renting the latest types of electric generators of all capacities, from 8 kVA to 1600 kVA. Brand Caterpillar American and Dineo Japanese.
2 - Renting lighting towers (Tower Lights). 4 Scouts 8 Scouts.
3 - Renting American Miller diesel welding machines with different capacities from 300 amps to 600 amps, equipped with an electricity output of 220 volts, used to operate cutting cylinders or to operate Hilti or lighting and other purposes that the welder needs (the operator).
4 - Renting a diesel air compressor of all capacities. This series of machines are ideal for jobs that require large amounts of air (rock drilling, sandblasting and sanding, blowing before on-site concrete pouring) and many more.
Capacity 7 bars 11 cubic meters per minute.
Capacity 7 bar 7 m3/min.
Capacity 7 bar 5 m3/min.
10 bar capacity
12 bar capacity

Generators Rent

we provide all needs and Services to all companies, like: (Petroleum companies, construction & contracting companies, Mobile companies, Drilling wells companies, hotels & Tourist Villages, Hospitals, Farms, film production companies) with all Capacities from 25 KVA to 1600 KVA.

Generator Import & Sell

We are one of the biggest importing companies for generators and generator spare parts. we are agent for many big manufactures as (Denyo - volvo - catrpillar - perkins - deutz - hino - mitsubishi - komatsu). We provide best Generators with best price including after sale services.

Generators Maintenance

We provide maintenance services also for Generators purchased from third party. We receive all faults during 24 hours / day – 7 day/week and we provide an alternative Generators in case of you need it as soon as possible via best and well-trained team of Engineers and technicians..

Light Towers

We offer a wide line of Light Towers covering from 5kVA up to 20kVA as standard products and special powers and design according to application and customer needs. Our equipment are built with high reliability and durability while meeting your illumination needs

Welding Machines

Rental diesel welding machine from 300 Amp to 600 Amp.

Air Compressor

Rental Air Compressors Different Sizes.

The Great Aim Of service Is Not Only profit, Creating success with our customers is our target .

we wrote success stories with our customers , because we provide best services and best quality and put customer in safe .